Currently Funded Ryan White Part A Services in the New Orleans EMA

Ryan White Part A Core Medical Services

Local Pharmaceutical Assistance Program

Serves as supplemental local source of medication assistance that can be used when ADAP has a restricted formulary, a waiting list, or restricted financial eligibility criteria

Early Intervention Services

• Includes a combination of services designed to identify individuals with HIV and help them access services

• Can serve newly diagnosed as well as PLWH who know their status but are not in care

• Is the only RWHAP service category that can pay for HIV testing

Health Insurance Premium & Cost Sharing Assistance

Provides financial assistance to enable PLWH to maintain health insurance or standalone dental insurance by paying their premiums or other cost-sharing expenses, including co-pays, deductibles, and funds to contribute to a client’s Medicare Part D true out-of-pocket costs (TrOOP)

Home Health Care

Supports medical-related services provided in the home by licensed medical professionals, such as administration of prescribed treatments, preventive and specialty care, and routine diagnostic testing

Medical Case Management

Provides client-centered activities designed to improve health outcomes, such as assessment of service needs, development and updating of an individualized care plan, coordinated access to medical care and support services, continuous client monitoring, treatment adherence counseling, and sometimes assistance in accessing public and private benefits for which the client may be eligible

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Provides nutritional assessment and screening, evaluation, education and/or counseling, and food and/or nutritional supplements, all based on a medical provider’s referral and on a nutritional plan developed by a registered dietitian or other licensed nutrition professional

Mental Health Services

Provides psychological and psychiatric screening, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and counseling in an individual or group setting by a licensed mental health professional (usually a psychiatrist, psychologist, or licensed clinical social worker)

Oral Health Care

Supports outpatient diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic oral health services by dental health care professionals based on an oral health treatment plan

Outpatient/ Ambulatory Health Services

Supports diagnostic and therapeutic services, such as primary care, diagnostic testing including laboratory testing, treatment adherence, and specialty services provided directly to a client by a licensed healthcare provider in an outpatient medical setting

Substance Abuse Outpatient Care

• Provides outpatient services for the treatment of drug or alcohol use disorders, including both drug-free treatment and counseling and medication-assisted therapy

• Includes harm reduction; can include syringe access services that meet current appropriations law and applicable HHS-, HRSA-, and HAB-specific guidance; does not include purchase of syringes

Ryan White Part A Supportive Services

Emergency Financial Assistance (EFA)

Provides limited one-time or short-term payments to assist RWHAP clients with an urgent need for essential items or services necessary to improve health outcomes, including utilities, housing, food (including groceries and food vouchers), transportation, medication not covered by an ADAP or LPAP, or another RWHAP-allowable cost

Food Bank/ Home-Delivered Meals

• Provides food items, hot meals, or a voucher program to purchase food

• Can be used for essential non-food items limited to personal hygiene products and household cleaning supplies, plus water filtration/purification systems in communities with water safety issues

Health Education & Risk Reduction (HERR)

• Provides education to PLWH about HIV transmission and how to reduce risk, and information about services to improve their health status

• Includes treatment adherence services provided as a standalone activity

Housing Services

• Provides transitional, short-term, or emergency housing assistance to enable a client or family to gain or maintain health services and treatment, including temporary assistance necessary to prevent homelessness and to gain or maintain access to medical care

• May include core medical or support services

• Also includes housing referral services, including assessment, search, placement, and housing advocacy services, and related fees

Medical Transportation

Provides non-emergency transportation services so clients can access or be retained in core medical and support services; can use various methods, including contracts with transportation providers, non-cash mileage reimbursement, purchase or lease of organizational vehicles for client transportation, voucher or token systems, and organization and use of volunteer drivers

Non-Medical Case Management Services

• Supports client-centered activities focused on improving access to and retention in needed core medical and support services

• Provides coordination, guidance, and assistance in accessing medical, social, community, legal, financial, employment, vocational, and other needed services, and sometimes help in accessing public and private programs for which clients may be eligible, based on activities such as an initial assessment of service needs, development and regular re-evaluation of an individualized care plan, client monitoring, and timely and coordinated access to medically appropriate levels of health and support services and continuity of care

Other Professional Services

Supports professional and consultant services, including legal services, permanency planning, and income tax preparation services to assist clients in filing Federal tax returns that are required by the Affordable Care Act for all individuals receiving premium tax credits

Outreach Services

Identifies PLWH who either do not know their HIV status or know their status but are not currently in care, and carries out activities to link or re-engage PLWH who know their status into RWHAP services, including provision of information about health care coverage options

Psychosocial Support Services

• Provides group or individual support and counseling services to assist clients to address behavioral and physical health concerns, including support groups, nutrition counseling provided by a non-registered dietitian, and other types of counseling

• Does not require that services be provided by a licensed mental health professional

Referral for Healthcare and Supportive Services

Supports referral of clients to needed core medical or support services in person or through telephone, written, or other types of communication; may also include referrals to assist clients in obtaining access to public or private benefit programs for which they may be eligible