What is Priority Setting and Resource Allocations?

The Planning Council uses needs assessment data as well as data from a number of other sources to set priorities and allocate resources. This means the members decide which services are most important to people living with HIV in the EMA or TGA (priority setting) and then agree on which service categories to fund and how much funding to provide (resource allocations). In setting priorities, the planning council should consider what service categories are needed to provide a comprehensive system of care for people living with HIV in the EMA or TGA, without regard to who funds those services. The planning council must prioritize only service categories that are included in the RWHAP legislation as core medical services or support services. These are the same service categories that can be funded by RWHAP Part B and RWHAP Part C programs. (See page 22 for a list of service categories eligible for RWHAP Part A funding.) After it sets priorities, the planning council must allocate resources, which means it decides how much RWHAP Part A funding will be used for each of these service priorities. For example, the planning council decides how much funding should go for outpatient/ ambulatory health services, mental health services, etc. In allocating resources, planning councils need to focus on the legislative requirement that at least 75 percent of funds must go to cover medical services and not more than 25 percent to support services, unless the EMA or TGA has obtained a waiver of this requirement. Support services must contribute to positive medical outcomes for clients. Typically, the planning council makes resource allocations using three scenarios that assume unchanged, increased, and decreased funding in the coming program year.

Fiscal Year 2021 Priority Setting and Resource Allocations Materials

Red Packet – Priority Setting Agendas, Orientation, & Forms to Return

Gold Packet – Epidemiology and Other Data Overview

Brown Packet #1 – Ryan White Part A Service Utilization by Race/Ethnicity & Gender

Brown Packet #2 – Ryan White Part A Service Utilization by Income Level and Insurance Status

Purple Packet – Ryan White Part A Supportive Services

Green Packet – Ryan White Part A Core Medical Services

How the Planning Council Makes its Decisions

FY 2020 Ryan White Part A Service Priorities

FY 2020 Resource Allocations - Plan A

FY 2020 Resource Allocation Plan B

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