Role of the Comprehensive Planning Committee

This committee ensures the Planning Council’s due diligence in strengthening the system of care, improving access to care and reducing disparities in a manner that is appropriate and coordinated with other systems that interact with consumers of services. 


Oversee comprehensive planning for the continuum of care, including the development of the collaborative New Orleans Fast Track Cities Strategy and the Statewide Ending the Epidemic plan.

Oversee components of the FTC and EHE Plans that involve the Planning Council.

Monitor progress in the implementation of the Plans.

Consider disparities in access to care across affected groups.

Review service utilization data and epidemiological data to identify gaps in the service delivery system.

Recommend strategies to increase access to care and reduce disparities.


Periodically update Service Standards as needed.  To ensure strategic planning processes these revisions can be used in Quality Management as needed and as outlined in the Standard Operating Procedure.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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